So many Writers tend to follow their Head instead of their Spirit. This means that they are usually trying to figure out what they should write according to what their readers want. They often seek inspiration for what to write from other people and other places, instead of within.

At best, this is not writing authentically and at worst, you are probably not doing what your Spirit (You) has set out for.

If you never feel inspired to write something without thinking of what someone else will say or think or wants to read, if that is the only way you can find something to write, then you may not be inspired (from within) at all to write. You are better off getting to know what it is you really feel like doing – what your Spirit is saying.


If you do feel inspired to write things but you don’t because you think it doesn’t coincide with the setup of your outlet (blog, etc) or you believe it won’t fetch the income other topics will, or you think some people will not want to read it or like it, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

If there is an experience or expression coming from your Spirit and you are squashing it for any reason, you are not living your true life, in that regard.


From your Spirit’s perspective, there is no desire to “write what you think others would want to read”, because it is the same as  “say what you think others would want to hear” or “do what you think others expect from you”. You see how that works?


This applies to anything in life – you must be true to you, follow what your Spirit is saying and how it is leading you to do it. Those who are meant to have some experiences through you, will come. Their Spirit will lead them to you – consciously or subconsciously. Meanwhile, do you. It is not about others. What you have to say cannot be for everyone. Everyone is on their individual journey.



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