Q: How can I make my child more spiritual or teach him about spirituality?


A: You can’t. Your child is more spiritual than you are. See, when you speak of spirituality, you are really speaking about practices in spirituality, which in itself, isn’t spirituality. Also, many people’s spiritual practices differ. What you mean is that you want to know how to teach your child spiritual practices and for the child to learn to enjoy doing them, as part of their spiritual lifestyle.

Spirituality is about connection with your Spirit and the Eternal Source. Being spiritual is about being connected to this…living a life while being plugged into it. It has nothing to do with practices. Practices are what your Head decides to do to make you ‘feel’ a certain way – whether spiritual or religious, etc.

So, when I say your child is more spiritual than you are, I mean your child is more connected to the Eternal Source, through their Spirit, than you are, simply because children haven’t got as much physical “world-ness” in them, as adults do. Their Heads have not been filled with stuff yet, which would take them deeper into the physical world connection and away from the Spirit connection.

The typical level of connection goes like this: Babies > Children > Teenagers > Adults. However, a child or teenager or adult who makes a shift towards a stronger Spirit connection, will be just as connected (or close) as a baby, depending on the person’s level of connection.


When you realise that babies do not sit in lotus position to meditate or worship a master or carry objects that will welcome or ward off energy or ‘om’ and ‘ah’ for spiritual effect or serve a guru and so on, yet they are the most spiritual human beings, what then? When you realise that those practices do not make one spiritual but only seem to show that one is spiritual – whether they are actually spiritually connected or not, what then? Would you still need to teach your child about spirituality or would you be better off reinforcing its spiritual connection and making sure to follow your own Spirit in the way you can guide your child?

Being spiritual cannot be measured because no one can see your connection to Spirit. It is personal. The Head needs something physical to work with, you see. If it is going to cope with your spirituality, it needs a reminder. So, it comes up with practices.


The question you need to ask is not “How can I help my child become more spiritual?” but “How can I let go of as much unnecessary ‘physical world-ness’ as I possibly can, so my child is free to keep being spiritual?“.

Or “How can I learn to tune in/plug in/ get connected to Spirit in order to follow step by step guidance on how to raise my children in who they truly are?“.


Let their Spirit lead them and let your Spirit lead you. You may have a lot of work to do on yourself (your Spirit will show you and help you) before it gets easier for you to live this way but it will get easier, if you continue to trust your Spirit. Don’t worry, it will be harmonious.