Q: Are there certain foods a spiritual person should and shouldn’t eat?


A: Short answer: No.

Long answer: There are no “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” when it comes to a group because what one person needs, the other will not need. Everyone simply needs to listen to their Inner Guidance regarding everything. Your body will tell you what it needs and doesn’t need but this can be tricky if your body has undergone some conditioning with what you feed it. This is why the attention should be focused on your Inner Guidance and not your body, unless you have been raised from the start to follow your body’s needs.

When you eat something your body really needs, you will have joy, you will have peace….but you may also feel guilty if you have been conditioned in some way that it is not good for you to eat. It is important to know that guilt comes from the mind, not the Spirit.


For you to really work with your Self and eventually, your body in what it needs, you will need to start from the foundation – which is going back within and enquiring about your own personal life. Not others’, not a group of people’s, not the world’s. Yours.

When you have reconciled who you are with what your body needs, you will find that it will be easy to make decisions on what to eat based on what truly keeps you in a state of joy and peace – and you will learn to sift the mental guilt from what you truly feel deep down in your soul.


Everyone comes into the world with a clean slate – including their personalities, what they like and do not like, etc. If you truly present them with choices based on whatever you can afford to make available, you will find that one baby will gravitate towards one type of food while the other will gravitate towards another type. Some may have no preference and gravitate towards all of them – equally or partially. As they grow, if still presented with choices – either by the parent or just going out into the world, you may find that their preferences may change, while some will still stay with their preference for a longer period of time or even throughout their lives. It is simply what their body needs and if left to function naturally, will get what they need at the right time.

However what you mostly see is parents and society lovingly conditioning/ teaching a child to eat what (the parent or society believes) is good for them and at the time they believe it “should be eaten” – ignoring their natural body/Self’s preference and needs. Therefore, many grow up with that conditioning and do not even realise it until…well, they realise it. Some don’t realise it in one lifetime.


This goes both ways – “good” foods and “bad” foods. When food gives you issues, it is your body’s way of rejecting it. When food gives you joy and peace, it is your body getting what it needs out of it and being aligned with your Self. Note that joy and peace cannot be substituted for what the world calls “happiness”. The former are states of being, the latter is a fleeting emotion, which can be due to the state of mind.

For example: one who believes a particular food is the best and healthiest for everyone, therefore gives no other kind of food a glance, will eat that particular food and be happy but it may not necessarily be what their body needs at that time. They have either learned to override their Self’s guidance or they are not aware of it. Their happiness while eating that food is because they believe they are doing the right thing. Joy and peace is a different matter.


This is all okay. What will be, will be. What matters is that now you have started asking this question, it means you are in the vicinity of realising or you have already realised but conditioning has still kept you in the mental guilt mode.


Spirit sets free. You are free to eat what brings joy and peace in your heart. If you find it, it is the place to be. If you are eating with guilt or greed or fear or the need to “do the right thing”, you are not doing your body any good. At best, it does nothing for you. This is your journey alone. Your food must be in alignment with your Self/body/true nature and you cannot know this until you know your Self/body/true nature.

In the physical world, we may see these things from a physical perspective – which is why this topic can be a sensitive one. However, it is not so in the superphysical/spiritual world. There is a bigger picture, the whole puzzle.