Q: I would like to have a spiritual awakening. How do I go about it?


A: The fact that you are asking this question means you have already started your awakening.

Many people believe awakening has to happen with fireworks and rainbows, cymbals and light shows, letting you know you have just been awakened but no, it isn’t always so. For some people, their awakening begins with a bang: An unforgettable experience – good or bad. For others, it is very subtle. They just find themselves suddenly in the vicinity of it without knowing how or when specifically they got there – with some like you, asking how to become awakened.

You already are. If you weren’t, it wouldn’t be on your radar. It just wouldn’t register, even if you came across it. There is a change already within you, you may or may not notice right now.


Many people also believe one can make awakening happen. No you cannot. You cannot force or trick an awakening into your life. It happens to you in its time. If you are thinking about it or talking about it – especially accepting and wanting it, you already are. There is always a long way to go and many different stages of it. Different people are at different stages.


So the question you may want to ask is “What now?”, “What do I do now that I am spiritually awakening to who I truly am and not who I was taught I am; to what Life is all about and not what I was taught?”.

The answer is: hang on for the ride. This is the time to trust your Heart/Intuition/God/Holy Spirit/Universe,etc (whatever you believe at this time). There is a lot to uncover and you will have a lot of inner searching, realisations and change in you. For most people, there is a lot of healing to be done and Spirit/God/Universe, etc will bring all these things to the surface. Just let things flow and go with it.

Depending on your personality, upbringing, etc you will experience many different things and react to them differently. It is all okay. This is a time to know yourself and heal some parts of yourself.

Just go easy on yourself. Research if you feel drawn to do so, study if you feel drawn, relax if you feel drawn, whatever you feel to do in your heart, do it and follow the cues it gives you.

At some point, you will come out at the other side of each phase of your awakening, shining like you never did before. It will take a lot of surrendering from you and your Mind won’t like this one bit. This is one of the fights you will have – with your Mind. The other one may be with your close ones – family and friends. Some will possibly begin to fall away, as you grow in who you are and outgrow some people, things, places, etc.


Keep pride in check and away. Keep your head down and don’t stop moving.


If you need more help, we are here for you.



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