Your Spirit will teach you in different ways – some actively, others passively. It will teach you through many channels : people, animals, things, places, circumstances, etc.

Those who have truly allowed their Spirit to guide them will not have to seek after teachers, themselves. They will not need to go after a Teacher to ask them to be their mentor. This is a Head-action or a Head-effort. Teachers will come to you in many forms, when you allow this to happen naturally. Spirit will make sure of it. It may mean you are sent to them or they are sent to you – directly or indirectly – but it will not come from you mentally deciding you want a particular person to teach you what you think they know and what you can get from them.


When your Spirit guides you, it will always bring teachers your way, according to where you are in your life/Path and what you need to know at the time. When you have moved past that level, that teacher and teaching experience will somehow fade away. You have outgrown that “class”. Then, another teacher and lesson/experience appears in your life. This is all on your journey of experiencing life with all that is found in the pool that is the Eternal Source, through your Spirit.


Teachers can only teach you as far as they have gone. No one Teacher is perfect. What one has to offer, the other may not have. Therefore, it is important to allow your Spirit to shine the light on where you need to go, to receive what you truly need.

There will also be times of “rest” in between external teaching experiences. At this time, your lessons are internal – either actively learning directly from your Spirit or processing and putting into practice what you have learned. Experiences will come to you, to make sure of this. The deeper you go in your connection to Spirit, the more you experience this phase and the less you experience external “lessons”.


Therefore, the question: “Do you need a Spiritual Teacher?” should be rephrased as “Do you need to look for and go after a Spiritual Teacher?”. The answer is No. You will still be doing the work of the Head, if you do so without Spirit guidance.

Spiritual Teachers come into your life organically and each one is well-suited for the point you are on your journey. Let them come and when their time is up, let them fade away and make way for another to come, when they come.


When they come, don’t focus on the Teacher or the Teacher’s life, focus on the message they bring to you. Take what you need and ignore what you don’t. Not everything a Teacher has to say is for you and one Teacher will not have all the answers you need in life. A Teacher does not know everything. A Teacher is also a student of some and a Student is also a teacher to some. This is where some people falter. Your Spirit will always show you what you need from them. It will never ask you to emulate someone else’s life. Your Path is not the same.


Many times, those who actively seek out a Teacher only seek the well-known or someone they “respect” – due to their ‘celeb-like status’. These seekers are what some would call ‘respecter of persons’. You will never see an active seeker who seeks out the seemingly little or mundane stuff or Wise Joe from down the street as their Teacher. It is usually some elaborate plan to travel somewhere to become a student of a “respected Master”, like many others. Have you asked yourself why that is?

This is why you cannot depend on your Head to tell you who to go to. Your Spirit will send you Teachers – both big and small, good and bad, male and female, important and not, rich and poor, young and old, etc. The material/physical status and attributes do not matter. There is always something to learn from who you connect with, at each point.

You are also someone else’s Teacher at different points in your life – knowingly or unknowingly. In the same breath, do not actively seek to teach. Let your Spirit guide you to those who have something to learn from you – or guide them to you. When you actively seek, you are working from your Head, not your true Self.